2 Active Trades – Testing a new swing trading method

I started tracking my trades on a public GoogleDocs spreadsheet that you can view here:

I’m testing out a new swing trading method that I’ve thought through for some time and developed a few screens for it.

There will be an upcoming post dedicated to describing it in detail, but I’ll show you the basic pattern because I’m actually holding a trade from the new method right now!

That is my second trade that I describe below.  First though, here is a traditional pattern that I trade:

4/26 – CRSPR

Take a look at the chart:

CRSP, swing trade reversal

This stock has been in a long term uptrend, which you can see by the blue uptrending support line that I drew.

This stock was about $20 a share right before the start of 2018!

It has also arrived to a point where there has been past, horizontal support, which you can see I drew with the horizontal blue line.

I’ve been in the trade for 2 days now not much has happened yet (In at $48.83, currently at $48.91).  When a trade has 2 support lines that converge around a potential pivot point, I pay attention!  I also like the clean decline…it wasn’t jumpy, or long and drawn out.

This stock trades in sharp, crisp moves.  Probably by Tuesday (it’s Sunday now), I’ll either get stopped out for a loss or show a nice profit, because this one will resolve quickly!

Ok, on to my 2nd active trade…with the new method I’m testing!

4/27 – CLNS

Let’s get right to it.  Here’s the chart:

CLNS, swiing trade, gap fill
If you are familiar with my trading patterns, you’ll see right away that this one is different, right?

Yep.  This stock, CLNS, took a huge dirt dive at the end of March, gapping lower from just under $8 a share into the 5’s.

Then it traded sideways for the most part, all through march and most of April.

Look at what has happened recently though:

  • Volume has been picking up
  • There was a tall white candle, the largest since it took it’s dirt dive
  • The stock has broken above the top of the trading range

Obviously something is up.

I don’t know what.

I don’t read the news on stocks.

I dont’ read through stock message boards looking to validate my trade.

I don’t need to.  Something is obviously up.  Literally.  We’ll find out soon enough, because this stock is coming to life in a good way recently after trading sideways for a long time.  Hopefully all of the bad news that dropped the stock came out, been digested and there are no more shoes to hiding somewhere that could drop.  🙂

The potential profit for this type of pattern is pretty high, since this has the potential to completely fill that gap to just below $8!

I entered on Friday at $6.22, current price is $6.16.  If it falls back below that blue line, clearly I would be wrong and get stopped out.  I think the potential is for this POS to continue to move higher!

I’ll continue to test trade this type of pattern going forward and will keep you updated on what I learn!

Also, I just created a public Google Docs file showing my swing trade calls.    Going forward, I will document my trades there.

Until next time, trade safe & stay in touch!

– Greedy

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  • G’day Glenn,
    I am in Queensland, Australia, and trade on the Australian Exchange. Just started following your method and looking for similar on ASX. To me, an essential ingredient is trying to understand what buyers and sellers are doing that causes the market to move, and I appreciate the way you explain this. Expect is similar in Australia, although patterns likely a little different. Very much appreciate all your efforts and will let you know my progress and hope I can contribute.


  • I see you have captured many small wins, but you need to get out at the right time. I looked at your spreadsheet. I think it would be more helpful to you to note your reasons for getting into the trade and reasons to sell ( espescially when it is not based on a stop or a target ). I am not sure why you set upside targets but I guess it is because you are trading small stocks. If this method works for you I can respect that. However, I think you might find it is easier to trade the bigger higher quality stocks. Just my two cents.


    • Hi there Greg,
      I might start adding comments around why I get in and why I get out. Good suggestion.

      As far as why I list upside targets: A few reasons for that…I want to look at my overall/risk reward when I take a trade. Is the expected profit worth the downside risk I am taking? I also set it so that I retain some perspective in a trade. Sometimes I have a trade that does way better than I expect and find that I’m way above where I expected the stock to go. It keeps me from getting too greedy at that point, where I want to hold for ever more gains, so I move my stop loss up to make sure I retain above-average profits and don’t give it all back (which I’ve done).



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