My 10 Favorite Swing Trade Sites

My Top 10 Swing Trading Sites

These are real people, with trading blogs that document the ups and downs of being a trader. 

I relate to them. 

You can relate to them.  

I’ve been trading off and on for over 20 years…after many ups and downs have been successfully swing trading for the last 5.

These sites are part of the reason why.

It is also because of these sites that I decided over a year ago to create a blog to share what I’ve learned along the way.  As a trader, you need to get different perspectives on trading, get inspiration from others…and these sites do that for me!

I encourage you to visit these sites and if you find them useful, bookmark them (like I have) and enjoy!

Here they are, in alphabetical order:

AC Investor Blog – Antonio posts a lot!  He’s very active, sharing trading ideas and setups that he is considering.  Each week he’ll post his “ideas for the week”, containing charts, along with a quick summary of the chart and what he thinks might happen with each.  Many of his trades ideas don’t fit my trading style, but that really isn’t the point.  You can still learn from other traders, even when they don’t match your methods.  He’s a successful trader, very active on Twitter as well, with over 92,000 tweets! – This is a site created by Tim Weintraut.  He’s a long-time trader that regularly posts interesting write-ups about potential trading opportunities.  There is a paid version of the site (I am not a member) , so some of the content I don’t have access to.  However, there is a ton to learn outside of the pay-wall.  Each week he’ll make a “stocks to watch” post.  He tags them, so you can just click on the tag so they are all sorted for you to read.  The posts contain charts, with technical analysis and sometimes videos, which are extremely helpful.  His style is a mix of day trades, swing trades and some longer term holds. – I really enjoy this site because Bart is so very forthright and honest with his trades and the emotions that come with the ups and downs of trading.  While I don’t trade as actively as he does, the window into his world is very helpful.  He’ll post regularly and create regular YouTube videos talking about his trades, sometimes trading live while recording.  Since I’m pretty much a “lone wolf” trader, working in a vacuum and coming up with my own trade ideas, it is helpful to watch someone as open as honest as Bart.  After watching him describe his trading mistakes, I sometimes I find myself saying “I do the same thing!” – Paul Kroger runs this site.  Honest, open guy, with some great perspectives.  He’s a swing trader too, so it’s great to get his perspective.  His writing is very clear, concise and builds upon ideas, step-by-step.  One of Paul’s strategies is to find technical patterns that he knows inside and out, patterns that he is comfortable with, and develops strategies to trade them.  Common patterns he trades are the channel, double tops and triangles.  Also, he’s got posts tagged so it’s organized for easy reading.  Some of the main areas to read through are: Trading education, Trading Strategies and Trading resources. – Ok, this isn’t a dedicated swing trading blog.  Yes, there are posts on trading, however, the main value I get from this site is watching the single-minded approach used to consistently follow proven strategies to build wealth.  The owner of the blog, “Liquid Independence”, (a graphic designer) has documented his journey since 2008, where he moved out from his parent’s basement and has built up his net worth up to about 3/4 of a million dollars (as of March 2018)!  He uses all types of strategies, from side hustles, swing trading and investing in Canadian and U.S. Stocks.  In a unique twist, he’s even invested in farmland!  Love this site, because it is a testament to having a singular focus and working on taking action on your long-term goals every single day. – Her tag line sums everything up: “Full time mom, part-time day trader.”  Jane Gallina has built up quite a following, not just because she’s a successful trader, but because she’s transparent, real and helpful.  She doesn’t post a ton like other trading sites and blogs, but when she does, everything is worth reading.  She also posts videos on the site, highlighting some of her trades.  Some interesting strategies focus on low and high float stocks for long or short positions.  She also looks at the level of short interest.  By looking at these two important characteristics, price action can really accelerate and accentuate a move up or down. – Ronald K. lives in Singapore and he knows his stuff!  I’ve enjoyed reading through his site regularly, because he emphasizes an area that I think is the most important aspect of winning as a trader: psychology.  Everyone wants to talk about trading systems, indicators, technical patterns, etc.  All important stuff, but in my opinion… it’s not what really matters.  He emphasizes what he calls “The K Wave”, “The K Turn” and the “K Mind”.  He looks at whether buying or selling is dominant, understands what the big institutions might be thinking, and understands why a security is at the perfect pivot point.  It works.  His timing is amazing, because he understands what the “herd” is doing.  He’s not trying to mind-meld with a chart laden with technical indicators, because many times those turn out to be crutches.  He’s got another site too…his personal blog, which can be found here. –  Craig Ferguson’s site very clearly defines his swing trading strategy.  I’m a bit partial to his strategy because he is primarily trading positive reversals from a low, which is the primary strategy I have used for the last 5 years and been very successful with it.  He looks for stocks that recently pulled back to where the price is below the 10 day moving average, but above the 30 day moving average.  He calls this the “Traders Action Zone”, or TAZ for short.  If you are trading “swing low”, positive reversals, this TAZ area (below the 10 and above the 30) is a great starting point for a screen to find potential candidates.  This is a successful strategy because, though the stock has declined sharply and moved below the 10 day moving average, it is still above the 30 day moving average, so likely strong enough for a bounce back up.  He’s very, very good at describing swing trading concepts, from basic to a bit more advanced. – I’ve been a regular visitor to Kevin’s site for a few years now.  He’s got some great trading ideas and insights into the psychology of trading.  You will see that he freely tells his story about how it took him years of suffering, stress and major losses as a trader until he turned things around by mastering basic fundamentals.  He joined a mentor program, followed a proven system, and in the process became a successful trader.  I can relate to  letting my emotions get the best of me, forcing me to pay tens of thousands of dollars in “tuition” before finally turning my own trading around.  Fun posts, with a lot of value.  I highly recommend it! – Rich Fitton primarily trades Forex.  Though I stick to what I know  (swing trading U.S. stocks), that doesn’t really matter.  He cuts through the typical B.S. you typically see on other sites and presents his ideas in a clear, concise way.  He prefers to focus on the major technical areas that matter the most, instead of relying on tons of indicators.  I have found that over the years when you focus on price action, along with volume and an eye towards timing, that is what is truly more important than a system with a ton of moving pieces.  He posts fairly regularly… covering psychology of trading, chart analysis, setups, etc.  Great site.

If you have trading sites that you regularly read, I’d like to hear about them!

Trade safe,


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